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​How much do you spend on voice communication in your company? 

The communication cost in many companies tends to be high - especially if the company has global branch offices in different countries.

With more than 20 years of experience in advanced telecommunication technology Voxtream A/S can now help your company save cost by using the low cost internet telephony.

The solution is easy! By using the Parlay VoXip produced by Voxtream you will be able to use the company's existing ISDN equipments for the low cost VoIP communication and add toll free voice communication to your existing IP-network infrastructure.

Migration to Internet Telephony Internet telephony or public VoIP services are here to stay. Internet telephony prices are low and if sufficient access bandwidth is ensured, voice quality is not an issue.

Due to the introduction of Parlay VoXip, migration to SIP based internet telephony has become easy. Parlay VoXip can connect any ISDN telephone system (PBX) to an IP broadband connection by converting ISDN to SIP and SIP to ISDN.

Parlay VoXip supports both outgoing and incoming voice traffic via the broadband access network and in this way the call charges and subscription cost will be kept at a minimum.

The "Advanced Call Routing", "Advice of Charge" AOC, "Dial Through", "ISDN-VoIP tunnelling" (including QSIG and Cornet-N) and "Protocol Converter" (ETSI, 1TR6, INS64 and INS1500) are some of the key functions which make the VoXip a unique product.​

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