Reduce the company's expenses on international calls, roaming and data roaming - without compromising quality and user friendliness.

A truly global solution ​

Todays international enterprises uses a variety of telecom solutions to meet their demands for seamless and cost effective communication on a global level. Typically, these solutions rely on access to a wifi-network or special Roam Like Home offers from telecom operators. But when employees are outside wifi coverage or when travelling in countries, that are not included in Roam Like Home plans, costs increase dramatically.

Voxtream has developed a truly global telecom solution, that offers global carrier grade quality telecom at local rates - even when no data connection is available, no matter the country. Since the solution uses the telecom network, calls are made and received as normal phone calls. Thus, the receiver of the calls doesn't need to download any apps or in any way be "connected" to the caller.  

Implementation is simple​

It is simple to implement the solution. When company setup and configuration is completed by Voxtream, the employees only need to download the VoxIP mobile application available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.  ​​

Payment is even simpler​

We believe in win-win solutions. At Voxtream we continuously work hard to create savings in relation to your company's telecom expenses. When we succeed, we only charge a succes fee. That's it. 

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Global telecom at local rates

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