The company's history

2009:  Voxtream moves to Odense in Printline A/S facilities.

2009:  The company Printline A/S buys Voxtream.

2007:  VoXip version 2 is introduced at the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover. 

2006:  Voxtream takes over the actitivies of the insolvent company FleXatel

           Communication A/S in Kolding.

2006:  The company name is changed into Voxtream A/S with new logo and new

           graphic identity.


2005:  VoXip sales are spread to a large number of countries.


2004:  The Parlay VoXip VoIP gateway is successfully introduced to the SIP based

            VoIP operators in Denmark.


2003:  New ownership. Move to new premises. Development of VoIP Gateways.


2002:  The digital PBX activities were sold off to Flexatel , Denmark.


2001:  The company name is changed into Partner Voxtream A/S. The Parlay ISDN

            multiplexers were introduced.


1996:  The world's first ISDN Least Cost Router (LCR) was developed. The Parlay

           LCR units enable competitive carriers to provide seamless and user-friendly

           voice services based on ISDN access.


1992:  The ISDN terminal adapter is developed. It was obvious that the ISDN

           technology was suitable for the voice communication.


1990:  First Private Branch Exchange system (PBX) was developed.


1988:  The company was founded under the name of Partner Electric A/S.