Global Calls at local rates​

Despite several international efforts to standardize costs, global calls and roaming tariffs still poses a significant expense for companies with foreign activities. By using the VoxIP-solution, international calls can be made or received at local tariff, which are but a fraction of the normal fees – but with the same quality as traditional telecommunication. No data connection is needed.​

The Voxtream solution is easy to use. Just download the VoxIP mobile application available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. By using the VoxIP app calls are automatically routed through the VoxIP infrastructure.  

Companies with travel activities suffer from significant expenses on roaming and data roaming, when employees are abroad. With the VoxIP-solution a foreign SIM-card can be linked with the original SIM-card so that the employee can make or receive calls at local tariffs - but displaying the original phone number. The VoxIP-solution ensures that all calls to the home-number are redirected​.

Global telecom at local rates

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